My Testimony

I am a Christian layman Apologist. I was 14 years old wen I came to know the Lord and accepted Him as Lord and Savior of my life and was baptized later that month. I grew up in Awanas program for kids and youth group as a young adult. Once graduated from youth group age I volunteered as a youth leader in the youth group. Where I served for few years then I volunteered to serve in Awanas program where I’ve been serving for about 6 years now. From being a game leader to a teacher for the kids and doing council time. I also serve as a usher in my church which I’ve been doing since a teenager at my old church till now. I’ve also just took up the role of bible study leader which my friend was currently doing but had to move and couldn’t continue it.


My Testimony Bout Apologetics.

I was first introduced to Apologetics by my friend Brandon who started reading the case for Christ by Lee Strobel. Then I had picked up Josh McDowell Book The Evidence that Demands a Verdict and started reading it that every day and as I continued to read it I felt God tugging on my heart and speaking to me to go into the Apologetics Ministry of  Theology. I began reading and studying theology apologetics philosophy religions. Even had opportunities to speak in my church  about defending the faith and why its important.