A Blessing For You!

Over the summer my family and I had ordered tickets for Mercy Me concert at the York Fair this past Tuesday evening. Well the rest of the family back down and didn’t want to go to the concert anymore. And so my mom and me were stuck on what to do with some of the tickets cause there were five tickets we had well while on Facebook I had gotten into a discussion with my close friends wife about another concert and I had told her I am going to see Mercyme Tuesday at the York Fair and I have two tickets. His wife told me that he really loves MercyMe so I said well I can give you two tickets to Mercy me concert since we aren’t going! Well eventually we all ended up going to the concert together I had bought my cousins two other tickets from her and went with my friend and his wife and had a great time worshiping and fellowshipping together and you wouldn’t believe how many Christians they were in the stands on the ground it was like heaven was rejoicing and angels were singing.


My Ministry Update.

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of studying and reading in my spare time books from The Case For The Resurrection Of Jesus, I don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist, The Evidence That Demands A Verdict and one Critical Thinking book Called The Demon Haunted World Science As A Candle In The Dark.

I’ve also been taking an online course through Southern Evangelical Seminary  on Apologetics. But soon as I finish my reading, studying and online course I am going to be trying to find where and what people groups I want to focus on and ask God where he wants me to be and how to go about it. What I mean by people groups is(Atheist, Skeptics, Americans or Islam for example). Cause with the growing rate of Muslims in America these days we need to focus on them as Christian apologist and evangelist. To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. So I ask that that you guys pray for  them and pray for me where God wants me to be and focus on.


My Spiritual Testimony

As a young  kid I was the typical average kid moody rebellious disobedient mouthy. I would back mouth my parents I would cuss here and there and use Gods name in vain a lot and even lie to my parents constantly to get away from punishment only to find out  I would be  punished anyway. I even watched and looked at things I shouldn’t of been watching or looking at all or at that age. At the same time I was going to church but not living it outside of church I kind of played two faced. Double minded as James put it in the book of James in the bible James 4:8. I continued like this until I became  14 years old and one Sunday morning I had gone to church and the pastor invited anyone up front who wanted to be saved and receive Christ. During the invitational hymn I had felt my heart tugging me to go up front and tell the pastor I wanted to be saved and receive Christ. An elder of the church took me aside in a small room and explained the importance of it and said the sinners prayer with me. Three weeks from then I had gotten baptized and started my new life in Christ and walking with Him.

Here I am now at 30 years old 3 years studying and reading theology, evangelism and apologetics and teaching Awanas and sharing the gospel message with everyone I know and don’t know. I now have a passion  for expanding the Church of Christ and teaching people how to make disciples to make disciples.

My current adventure was this summer when my loving dearest cousin had came back to her faith in God. And we started out by finding her a good bible to read then from there we would do bible studies together and go to Life Way to pick out books for her and other things I constantly keep I touch with her discipling her and guiding her and making our relationship grow with Christ together and helping hers and her boyfriends grow. They are now currently going to another church other then mine now and love it so much its quite exciting watching people grow in the Christ.

3 Essentials To Grow In Christ ! John 14 and 15.

Believe, Prayer, Growth!

John 14;1

Your  heart must not be troubled. Believe in God also as you believe in Me.

The thought seems. To be  I am going away you will not  be able to see Me. But let not your heart be troubled ; believe in God and yet you do not see Him now believe in Me  the same way .

Here is another important. Claim  to equality  with God.

The disciples believed in \god but did not see God so Jesus is going away and they will not be able to see Jesus so Jesus is saying that you wild not be able to see Me so believe in Me the same way as you have believed in God. And have faith that I am there.

Believing and having faith are key parts to Christian growth in Christ. Without Faith it is impossible to please God.

Hebrews 11:6

By Faith we understand  that the universe was created by the Word of God

Hebrews 11:3

Josh McDowell Christian Apologist Quotes: Faith isn’t in the one believing but in the one believed. Its not in the one trusting its in the one trusted . it doesn’t matter  how sting your faith is  its  in the object of your faith.

A  Hindu will say I know a lot of Buddhist who believe in Buddha like that. That maybe so but the Christian is saved you see!.

John 14:11

I assure you : The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And will do even greater works than these because  I am gong to the Father .

Jesus had power  to speak the words and to do the miracles but he came into the world as a servant of Jehovah  and He spoke and acted on perfect obedience to the Father.

The one. Who believes in Jesus  will do works that Jesus that did but even greater works then  him cause Jesus will be working in hm. These works wild glorify God the Farber. And consist of spreading the Gospel and evangelizing and working with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Where God Has Been Calling Me.

Lately this year I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading in my bible and other Christian books. I’ve been working on a work book called School of Biblical Evangelism that helps you learn to witness and evangelize and share your faith effectively and friendly. As I’ve also been reading my bible lately I read 4 books a day 3 in old 1 in the new. I am in Exodus, 2 Samuel, Isaiah, and Romans as of now.

I’ve also been blessed with opportunities to speak at my church and lead bible study for my age group and teach Awanas program to younger kids. But lately I’ve been thinking and  praying for God to call me into missions or evangelism of some kind. I have been studying apologetics for over a year as a layman and started these blogs and websites on Facebook and twitter and wordpress. To reach out more  to the saved and lost.

But do to my learning disability I don’t think I could do world missions in another country so I’m thinking and praying on being a missionary in the states here in Carroll Country Maryland. Or where ever I travel through out my day. I would gladly appreciate any help or support or encouragement and prayer with my journey and mission and goal.

Latest Update

Lately I have been doing a lot of reading and online reading and studying as well. Ive been not just focusing on one type of apologetic method but different kinds. For there is not just one kind of apologetic that fits everyone but many. So I typically found it better to use what ever method fits that persons needs to answer their questions or objections or to there thought form. I use to focus on evidential apologetics giving evidence for Christianity. But I’ve now started reading a book called Truth with Love bout Francis Schaeffer apologetics method and how I can form my own method or formula and use it as my own.

So now that I’ve been reading that book it has made me more of a presuppositional apologetic and more of evangelist using apologetics. Helping me find common ground with the non believers. Another good book I’ve probably read several times now is called Tactics To Discussing Your Christian Convictions. That helps you discuss your belief or faith in a more common and polite way in the world and more persuasive manner.

Lately I’ve also been trying to approach people outside of my political party I am in. Democratic liberals etch. And engaging them in political discussion and debates while evangelizing and using apologetics to persuade them or find flaws in there views.

Ephesians 4:26-27 Be Angry But Don’t Sin.

Be Angry  and do not sin, Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and  give  the Devil  an opportunity.

Its okay to be angry but don’t let your anger take control of you and your actions. Acting on those anger and that emotion can cause you to do something you are willing to regret. It can lead to sinful actions or words towards something or someone. Don’t stay angry all day you don’t want to go to bed angry with someone and of course when the sun goes down. Darkness appears and we all know that Satan is the angel of darkness and men love darkness rather then light. Cause our deeds are evil. Don’t give the devil an opportunity to come at you at night.

Be sure to apologize to that person or idea you have  against them before the sun goes down on you and the enemy strikes at you.

Morality Justice And Right and Wrong!

I was just reading fox news on my phone tonight when doing so I had came across reading an article that read substitute teacher convicted of having sex with 14 year old student what wasn’t  in plain sight was that it was two students that were involved. One 14 year old boy and one 16 year old boy both students in Ohio  school distract schools.  Now Darcy Lake is now 23 year old substitute school teacher now back in early 2017 of Feb 1 she was 22 years old. This followed up with her to December 1-December 21 of 2017. The boys are now 17 and 15 years old.

As we look at this situation we can all agree that this is morally wrong in any state of America. This is what we call objective moral law and values. Anything that is wrong or right independently of any ones opinion that we can all agree with is objective not subjective. Going down this road now. The parents and kids and county law all saw this is wrong as well. The question in hand is whether Darcy thought it was wrong or know it was wrong. As Romans 2:15 tells us that the work of the ;aw is written on our hearts and it will either excuse us or accuse us and our conscience bears witness to this.

Maybe Darcy denied her conscience and her guilt and went along and did this any how but law apparently accused her instead of excused her from her wrong doing. We each know right and wrong so did she. John 17.17 says we shall know the truth and it shall set you free.

Was justice being served did the kids get what they want in the end did the parents want justice. Justice belongs to the almighty all good and all moral Judge God.

Augustine of Hippo early church father quotes:

We love the truth when it enlightens us we hate the truth when it convicts us.

Christmas Statics

66% of America believes in the virgin birth today in 2014 it was up at 73% that believed the virgin birth.

68% believe that the Wiseman followed the star to Jesus and gave gifts.

Overall 57% Believe all four elements of truth claims of Christmas in 2014 it was 65% believed  all four elements.


Helping Youth Taking Lead In The Church !

I am recently reading Nehemiah on leadership and I’ve found that this book isn’t just to help leaders with leadership but can help youth become leaders and take on leadership and as they leave the church take lead and become the next church of the next generation.

But in order to do that we must also train and teach and lead them in leadership roles in the church whether they are younger or old enough to serve. Many areas of consist of leading by ushering, choir, Awanas  youth group leader setting up or taken down things for church events before and after the events.

In Nehemiah the first thing he had did was prayed and fasted to God. We must teach our young adults and youth to pray and fast in order to grow a deeper relationship with God. Take time out of something that is becoming a block from you and God. And rejoin with Him for while. As I see young youth and young adults today. They are more caught up in their phones laptops and iPod sports and relationships that are becoming number one over God and becoming an idol. As an Leader in Awanas I make a effort before we start class to ask the kids if any of them have their cell phones or iPod on them. And if they do I put them in a basket or in a cabinet in our room. This takes away any distractions  from learning Gods word and listening to us leaders.

As youth perspective or point of view I suggest that all youth in youth groups  shouldn’t be allowed to have their phones until after youth group or emergency has happened. Considering fasting challenge the kids to at least take one to two hours out of their every day life put down their phones and meditate on Gods word and pray.

Teach And Train Them To Be A Servant:

Nehemiah was a cupbearer to the king at time and loyal and faithful to the king. So our youth of the church should learn to serve others and serve in the church for one it greatly pleases his lord. And Nehemiah always wanted to please the king. When Nehemiah was saddened the king noticed and was greatly worried it was about him. So we should teach and train the youth to be humbled cupbearer servants of our King as well. Serving God pleases God and pleases the King most high.

Ways to serve The King:

I  like  to use this acronym to help people with this training JOY.

Jesus First  serve Jesus first  put time in with Jesus our King like Nehemiah did. ( prayer, bible study, worship, giving in worship)

Others: serve others before you put yourself last  and others first in your daily life.( neighbors, friends, elderly, strangers church members help them with things they need help with or be there for them.)

You: Focus on you  last and you’ll find joy in all this and feel great about doing it and a self accomplishment.


Before Nehemiah was sent out to help rebuild Jerusalem wall he had prayed night and day for the Lords guidance and confirmation to do His will even  though he was greatly saddened he prayed for the right. thing. When he came to the king with his request the king granted his permission to go to Jerusalem and asked him how long will you be and Nehemiah told him and the king  was ok with it. And granted him supplies and papers for a safe journey.

Before we let our youth go and take the lead we need to ask them and tell them that they need to pray without ceasing night and day have a strong prayer life with God that they lead the right way and make good decisions that please God that it is what the Lord wants from  them.